Our distinctives

As part of the Church, we delight in:

Our weekly worship

  • Reverent, thoughtful, joyful, orderly, and orthodox corporate worship as regulated by Scripture (Call to Worship, Confession of Sin, Consecration to the Lord, Communion with Christ, and Commissioning for the week ahead)
  • Expository and applicable preaching of both Old and New Testaments as one continuous history applicable to us today
  • Recognizing the Lord’s Supper when assembling each week
  • Singing Psalms and reverent hymns of the Faith
  • Seeking God’s mercies through participating in His Service rather than entertaining ourselves
  • Family integrated worship

Our daily obedience

  • Following Christ in every aspect of life and taking the Gospel to all
  • Caring for those suffering for Christ and the weak, poor, hungry, and lost
  • Recognizing the importance of God’s covenanting through both individuals and households and its importance in godly living
  • Elders shepherding the flock through close relationships in guiding the heads of households in leading their families in the nurture and admonition of the Lord
  • Striving to encourage and fellowship with one another as the Body of Christ
  • An optimistic eschatology

Photo by Tim Wildsmith on Unsplash